Type 1 T-Rex is an excellent stand-alone machine application solution for larger parts with short cycle times and is compact and efficient for machine tending. The Boxy 1 integrated PC and touch screen allow the operator to start the machine and leave to perform other tasks. This plug-and-play machine is applicable with any kind of CNC controller with quick connections to ERP Systems.

  • 12 kg or 25kg 6th Axis Industrial Robot
  • Single Gripper or Double Gripper option
  • Integrated PC with Touch Screen
  • Softboxy Robot Automation Management Software
  • CE Regulation & Safety

Plenty of Stocker Storage

  • 4 Drawers

  • Stack Raw Material Directly on Drawer

  • Stack Raw Material Through Separators (Option)

  • 200kg Payload Capacity for Each Drawer

  • 800mm X 600mm –200mm Height

Boxy Autoloader Type 1 T-Rex Benefits

  • Stand Alone Machine
  • High-Speed Loading/Unloading
  • 25kg-6th Axis Industrial Robot
  • Small Footprint
  • Short Time Integration
  • Easy Part Changeover
  • Drawer Type Stocker
  • Single Action Gripper
  • Advanced Management Software to Manage Entire System
  • Medium Duty Applications
  • Low Labor Cost
  • High and Constant Efficiency
  • Reliable Quality Parts

Stand Alone or Built to Specifications

Automation solutions may be built to customer specifications. Both custom and standard models are shipped as turnkey solutions. Toolink Engineering will also provide installation, training, and support with each purchase.

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Boxy Autoloader Compact Automation Systems go beyond the era of automation applications.

Boxy AutoLoader is a product of CNC Advanced Technology's high-tech infrastructure developed in numerous successful turnkey projects and robot automation integrations on fields since 1979.

About Boxy AutoLoader

These machines are the best-in-class compact automation solutions for high-speed part loading and unloading. Boxy AutoLoaders are easily integrated into your existing manufacturing process and can run 24 hours per day.

Boxy Autoloaders are ideal for small shops and factories. With exceptionally quick set-up capabilities, these autoloaders are especially useful for shops with high mix-low volume production.

Toolink Engineering will provide installation and training with each purchase.

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