To meet and exceed your requirements for higher work-piece tolerances and increased loading clearances, Konig has developed new mechanical mandrels with fully segmented collet elements.

The segmented clamping bushings consist of a combination of a high-quality tool steel and a high-tech elastomer.

These mechanically expanding clamping tools are ideally suited for medium and large clamping diameters and offer, depending on their size, expansion rates of 0.5 up to 1.3 mm. The actuation can be initiated by hydraulic pressure, pull rod or an internal spring package.

Each of these element clamping devices are tailor-made and precisely machined to your exact specifications and demands and can easily be adapted to almost every available high-precision machine tool. You benefit from the high precision, increased workpiece flexibility, and reduced lead time for a new device.

Toolink and König would be pleased to design and produce your tailor-made clamping tool, according to your specific requirements.


  • High loading clearances
  • Reduced tooling set-up expense, high productivity (high workpiece flexibility)

  • Short clamping lengths

  • High workpiece tolerances are possible

  • Run-out accuracies up to 0,003 mm are attainable

  • High lateral rigidity due to flat-face contact of the workpiece

  • High torque transmission

  • Symmetrical expansion of clamping collet

  • Quick change-over to other clamping diameters possible

König’s Mechanical Clamping Solutions Include

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König is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art high-precision mechanical and hydraulic clamping devices.

König’s clamping devices and systems are well known in the industry and are well established as original equipment on top-class high-precision CNC-controlled machine tools.

About König-mtm

König-mtm GmbH specializes in the development and production of hydraulic and mechanical special clamping equipment. In addition, Konig offers Toolink’s customers tailor-made and economical solutions for any task.

Toolink Engineering will provide installation and training with each purchase.

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