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Boxy AutoLoader is an automated manufacturing systems product of CNC Advanced Technology’s high-tech infrastructure developed in numerous successful turnkey projects and robot automation integrations on fields since 1979.


  • High Tech Automation Management Software

  • Simple & Quick Part Changeover

  • Highly Customizable

  • Dynamic Scheduling

  • User Friendly Interface

ROBOT IS NOT AUTOMATION! Boxy Autoloader System, which we designed with the experience of Turn-key Project and Automation applications in Automotive, Defense, Aerospace and Part Manufacturing industries since 1996, goes beyond the current standard Integration applications and offers our customers a compact & standard loading and unloading system under one roof. Many years ago, tailors were making our clothes, and shoes. They were producing them specially by taking measurements from us. Nowadays, we can reach each product with a higher quality standard. How many companies are manufacturing their own CNC machine? Boxy AutoLoader’s working principle is to eliminate the regular robot automation systems and to offer you automated manufacturing systems and CNC machine loading and unloading applications under one roof.

By following the latest technology, we are able to save your workforce with autoloader systems which we developed in parallel with technological products.

Boxy Autoloader Compact Automation Systems go beyond the era of automation applications.

“ROBOT is not Automation!”

Toolink Engineering will provide installation and training with each purchase.

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