Konig Hydraulic Clamping Devices

Overview: Machining tolerances that were inconceivable years ago have become a reality today. Modern CNC-controlled machine tools, as well as high precision bearings and guideways, have offered tolerances measured in microns which are a standard now in state-of-the-art mechanical engineering. [...]

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Konig Mechanical Clamping Devices

Overview: To meet and exceed your requirements for higher work-piece tolerances and increased loading clearances, Konig has developed new mechanical mandrels with fully segmented collet elements. The segmented clamping bushings consist of a combination of a high-quality tool steel and [...]

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Konig Quick-Change Chucks

Overview: In today’s machining environment, the complexity of machining tasks and the variety of workpieces require better workholding solutions. In response, König has developed a new generation of quick-change chucks. These chucks minimize tooling expense as well as changeover times helping [...]

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