CNC-Boxy Autoloader Type 3

Overview: The Boxy AutoLoader Type 3 system provides you with best-in-class compact automation solutions for high-speed heavy part loading and unloading. The Type 3 is perfectly suited for loading large or heavy parts weighing between 35kg to 165 kg. [...]

CNC-Boxy Autoloader Type 32024-03-15T17:37:13+00:00

CNC-Boxy Autoloader Type 2

Overview: The Type-2 Boxy Autoloader is an excellent automation solution. It offers you unlimited possibilities for Robotic Loading/Unloading of up to 6 machines. To support multiple machines, the Boxy Autoloader Type-2 utilizes a 7kg Robot on a 7 Axis [...]

CNC-Boxy Autoloader Type 22024-03-15T17:37:52+00:00
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