The Mag 8 is a versatile automated deburring through-feed brushing machine capable of brushing the top and bottom of a part as it passes by eight (8) brushes. The flow direction of this machine can be either left-to-right or right-to-left. The machine uses eight (8) brushes and is intended to provide positive separation between the parts, eliminating the possibility of part contacting. The Mag 8 is configured to properly deburr complex shapes as it uses the Quad Head design applied to each face.

MAG 8 Highlights

  • Highly Versatile Applications

  • Fully Customizable Configuration

  • 8 Rotating Brushes

  • Specialty Brushes Available

  • Suitable for a Diverse Selection of Parts

  • Multiple Optional Features Available

MAG 8 Objective

This machine is used to brush deburr the top and bottom faces of the parts after double disc grinding. The brush process will create a uniform edge break radius to spec along the faces of each side of the part. Proper placement of the brush, type of brush, speeds and feeds will all be a part of the desired result. Parts are deburred on the top face on conveyor one, transferred to an overhead conveyor exposing the bottom face as the remaining four brushes deburr the lower face.

Technical Data

  • Steel welded base/Painted RAL 9003 Signal White.  Integrated fork tubes/mounting pads for casters.
  • Two (2) 8.0” Dorner 3200 permanent magnetized conveyors/ Grade N48 neodymium magnet bedplate assemblies, high strength conveyors with stainless steel top wear plates/0-22 feet per minute/AC wash duty drive motor.
  • Conveyor Drives are mounted to pull parts. Chain is recommended in high-volume applications.
  • One partially magnetized exit conveyor is used with a cleated belt or high friction belt to remove parts from the machine. A demag unit can be added as an option.
  • Eight (8) individual, directly driven brushing stations are used. Each station uses its own AC drive for the brush motor and a 90v DC linear actuator for vertical positioning. Each station has horizontal position adjustment to offset the brush ahead or behind centerline of the part passage to allow the Quad Deburring process. Once set for the range of parts to be processed, there is typically no need for future adjustments.
  • Four brushes face up and four brushes face down.
  • Entry and exit openings are covered with a sheet metal enclosure.  Entry enclosure has a tool removable access door on the front face side of the machine for access to the incoming part sensor.  Exit opening has a tool removable Lexan access panel on the front face side for convenience/access.

Standard Models or Built to Specifications

Deburring solutions may be built to customer specifications. Both custom and standard models are shipped as turnkey solutions. Toolink Engineering will also provide installation, training, and support with each purchase.

About CDMC

We are a team of highly experienced designers and manufacturers of deburring equipment. At our core, we pride ourselves on connecting with each customer on a technical level to achieve the best possible solution for your application. To that end, we offer a large and well-test array of different methods of deburring and have alliances with companies who specialize in other areas of metal finishing so that we can assist you with any deburring application.

Toolink Engineering will provide installation and training with each purchase.

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