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Toolink Engineering is excited to present the latest addition to our lineup: the Matrix MVGG-0800 Vertical Gear Form Grinding Machine. Designed to meet the demands of modern gear manufacturing, this machine offers unparalleled versatility and precision. Capable of producing large gears with exceptional accuracy, the MVGG-0800 is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and more. What sets this machine apart is its ability to grind hob cutters, further expanding its utility and making it a truly indispensable tool in any machining arsenal. With its advanced technology and robust construction, the Matrix MVGG-0800 delivers superior performance and reliability, ensuring optimal results with every operation. Trust Toolink Engineering to provide you with the tools you need to stay ahead in today’s competitive market.

Included as a standard feature, the Matrix MVGG-0800 Vertical Gear Form Grinding Machine is equipped with a FANUC control system, paired with a high-speed grinding spindle, harnessing the power of Matrix-developed intelligent conversational windows software to provide unmatched flexibility in output. This innovative software enables precise control over tooth profile and grinding parameters, ensuring optimal results with every operation. The machine’s worktable is designed to accommodate a variety of workpieces, including Involute Gears, Cyclonical Gears, and large-module Hobs, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of gear manufacturing applications.

Gear grinding machines built to customer specifications and Matrix standard models are shipped as turnkey solutions.

MVGG-0800 Highlights

  • FANUC Controls
  • Max Workpiece Outside Diameter 800mm|31.4″

  • Teeth Range 9~999

  • Min Workpiece Root Diameter 50mm|1.9″

  • Module M2.0~M20|DP12.7~DP1.27

  • Max Tooth Depth 45mm| 1.7″

  • Helix Angle ±45°

MVGG-0800 CNC Vertical Type Gear Form Grinding Machine

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Technical Data

Max. workpiece outside diameter 800 mm 31.4”
Tooth range 9~999
Min. workpiece root diameter 50 mm 1.9”
Module M2.0~M20 DP12.7~DP 1.27
Max. tooth depth 45 mm 1.7”
Helix angle range ±45°
Min. root diameter/Max. workpiece outside diameter 50mm~350mm 1.9” ~13.7”
Max. flute depth 55 mm 2.1”
Flute range 1~99
Flute helix angle range ±40°
Max. grinding slide travel 400(450) mm 15.7”(17.7”)
Max. workpiece slide travel (Z-axis) 400 mm 15.8”
Tailstock center height above the rotary table 600 mm~1250 mm 23.6”~49.2”
Table Diameter 740 mm 29.1”
Max. table load (workpiece with fixture) 2500 kg 5500 lbs
Min. dressable diameter of the grinding wheel 260 mm 10.2”
Max. grinding wheel diameter 400 mm 15.7”
Max. grinding wheel thickness 70 mm 2.7”
Max. grinding spindle speed 4000 rpm
Drive power of grinding spindle 15kW 20 Hp
Voltage 380V / 3 Phase
Current Requirement 80 Amp
Ambient Temperature 10°C ~ 40°C 50°F ~ 104°F
Max. Load of Machine 35 kVA
Space Requirement L 6255 x W 5200 x H 3405mm L 247” x W 205” x H 135”
Weight of Basic Machine 17000kg (37500lb)

Notes: It is strongly advised to keep the machine in a controlled temperature environment. I.E. temperature control between 20°C ~ 26°C ±1°C will achieve gear Grade 4 to DIN 3962 and Grade 5 in the event of mass production.

The specifications are subject to the contract, as well as new technology and industrial advancements available.

About Matrix Machine Tools

Matrix Machine Tool (Coventry) Limited, has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality external and internal thread grinders since 1934. In 2017, Matrix introduced 7 new gear grinding machines to the world market. Like our internal and external thread grinders, Matrix gear grinding machines are intelligently designed and built using premium components and high-quality construction. Matrix gear grinding machines are driven by FANUC or Siemens controls and feature-rich software to facilitate programming and usability. Through this customer-focused approach, Matrix has garnered a global reputation for its gear grinding machines’ accuracy, performance, and longevity.

Toolink Engineering will provide installation and training with each purchase.

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