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Toolink Engineering is pleased to represent S&T Dynamics and their Model H200. The H200 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine’s high speed and high rigidity make it an ideal choice for automotive applications and similar gear cutting in a production setting. CNC controls enable automation and provide convenient operation by GUD (Global User Data) environment.

  • Built-in Torque Motor – The H200 has a built-in Torque Motor with Direct Drive System is applied to accelerate the rotation speed of the table to accomplish a high-speed and precise gear cutting process. The built-in torque motor decreases errors and backlash.
  • Semi-Dry Cutting System – The application of a Semi-dry Cutting System, which processes air cutting through the installed M.Q.L. Unit without using neat cutting oil, not only improves the roughness of the processing gear but also utilizes an environmentally friendly processing technology.
  • Fast and Precise Hob Setting – Disc Spring Clamping System, Hob Arbor Support, Hob Centering Unit
    With the application of a Disc Spring and Hob Arbor Support that utilizes a Hydraulic Quill, it is possible to perform faster Hob Setting. Moreover, it is possible to adjust the fine Hob Setting from an external machine installed at the Hob Centering Unit.

S&T Dynamics H200


  • 6 Axis

  • Max. Workpiece Diameter Ø200

  • Max Hobb Speed 1,500 RPMs

  • Max Table Speed 230 RPMs

  • X, Z-Axis Rapid Feed Rate 12 m/mm

  • Built-in torque motor for C axis and zero backlash

  • Semi-Dry Cutting Supported

  • High-speed Ring Loader

Technical Data

Max. workpiece diameter Ø200 mm
Max. module M4.5
Table dia. 240 mm
Z-axis travel (AXIAL) 350 mm
X-axis travel (RADIAL) 200 mm
Hob swivel angle MAX±45 deg
Hob arbor taper NT NO.40
Hob diameter/length Ø180/190 mm
Hob shift travel 170 mm
Max. hob speed 1500 rpm
Tailstock /Tailstock stroke 380 -780 mm
Z-axis rapid feed rate 12 m/min
X-axis rapid feed rate 12 m/min
Y-axis rapid feed rate (Hob shift) 1 m/min
Travel distance from table surface to hob center(Z-axis) 200-550 mm
Travel distance from table center to hob center(X-axis) 15-215 mm
Hob spindle output AC12/16 kW
Tailstock fixation 280~1120 kgf
Workpiece fixation 0.5~3 ton
Number of Axes controlled by CNC 6 Axes (X, Y, Z, A, B, C)
Floor space (L x W x H) 2812 x 2638 x 2810 mm
Weight 9000 kg

H200 Accessories

  • Main Body
  • Full Splash Guard
  • Hob Arbor Set (Ø25.4)
  • Leveling Bolt & Base Plate
  • Standard Tool Kit
  • Work Light
  • Oil Cooler
  • Hob Centering Unit
  • Base Jig (Collet Type)
  • Electrical Cabinet Air conditioner
  • Oil Mist Collector
  • Hob Arbor Set (Ø25.4이외)
  • Magnetic Sep. (“B Type, Block Magnet Type)
  • Hobbing Jig
  • Hob Cutter
  • Auto Door
  • Transformer (40kVA)
  • Deburring Unit
  • Auto Loading System
  • Coolant Oil Cooler
  • M.Q. L Unit
  • Skiving Unit

Notes: Gear hobbing machines built to customer specifications and S&T Dynamics standard models are shipped as turnkey solutions. Toolink Engineering will also provide installation, training, and support with each purchase.

Video Overview

S&T Dynamics is a full service, turnkey manufacturer of CNC machine tools and engineered solutions

S&T Dynamics’ machine tool lines include CNC Gear Hobbs, CNC Gear Shapers, CNC Vertical Lathes, CNC Grinding Machines, and Universal CNC Lathes.

About S&T Dynamics

Based in Gyoungnam, Korea, S&T Dynamics, in addition to machine tools, is a leading automotive and military powertrain, axles, and transmissions that include gearboxes for helicopters, wind-power applications, dual-clutch transmissions, and hybrid power trains. It also supplies both civil and military aerospace, medical and general sectors.

Gear hobbing machines built to customer specifications and S&T Dynamics standard models are shipped as turnkey solutions.

Toolink Engineering will provide installation and training with each purchase.

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