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Toolink Engineering is pleased to represent S&T Dynamics and their Model H80. The H80 high-speed CNC gear hobbing machine features zero-backlash, high rigidity torque motors for the table rather than the more traditional worm-drive system. Each machine has control options of Siemens 828D or Fanuc 18iMB.

  • Hob Spindle Eagle PD Drive – Enables realization of high-speed (3,000 rpm) and zero-backlash with Eagle PD Drive on hob spindle.
  • Built-in Torque Motor for Zero-Backlash – Realization of high speed (Max 450 rpm) and zero-backlash with Direct drive type Built-in Torque motor on C-axis.
  • Wet Cutting / Dry Cutting – Wet and dry hobbing processes on the same machine that satisfies a variety of customer’s requirements.
  • Ring Loader – Simple structure high-speed ring loader enables a variety of automation.

S&T Dynamics H80

  • 6 Axes

  • Max Workpiece Diameter Ø80

  • Max Workpiece Module M2.5

  • Max Hobb Speed 3,000 RPMs

  • Max Table Speed 450 RPMs

  • X, Z-Axis Rapid Feed Rate 12 m/mm

  • Built-in torque motor for C axis and zero backlash

  • Wet Cutting/Dry Cutting Supported

  • High-speed Ring Loader

H80 Accessories

  • Main Body
  • Full Splash Guard
  • Hob Arbor Set (Ø16)
  • Leveling Bolt & Base Plate
  • Standard Tool Kit
  • Work Light
  • Oil Cooler
  • Hob Centering Unit
  • Base Jig (Collet Type)
  • Electrical Cabinet Air conditioner
  • Oil Mist Collector
  • Hob Arbor Set (Ø16이외)
  • Magnetic Sep. (“B Type, Block Magnet Type)
  • Hobbing Jig
  • Hob Cutter
  • Auto Door
  • Transformer (40kVA)
  • Deburring Unit
  • Auto Loading System
  • Coolant Oil Cooler
  • M.Q. L Unit
  • Skiving Unit

Technical Data

Max. workpiece diameter Ø80 mm
Max. module M2.5
Table dia. 120 mm
Z-axis travel (AXIAL) 250 mm
X-axis travel (RADIAL) 150 mm
Hob swivel angle MAX±45 deg
Hob arbor taper NT NO.30
Hob diameter/length Ø120/120 mm
Hob shift travel 100 mm
Max. hob speed 3000 rpm
Tail Stock /Tailstock stroke 440-740 mm
Z-axis rapid feed rate 12 m/min
X-axis rapid feed rate 12 m/min
Y-axis rapid feed rate (Hob shift) 1 m/min
Travel distance from table surface to hob center(Z-axis) 300-550 mm
Travel distance from table center to hob center(X-axis) 10-160 mm
Hob spindle output AC6.25/7.25 kW
Tailstock fixation 135~540 kgf
Workpiece fixation 0.5~3 ton
Number of Axes controlled by CNC 6 Axes (X, Y, Z, A, B, C)
Floor space (L x W x H) 2470 x 2696 x 2780 mm
Weight 7500 kg

Notes: Gear hobbing machines built to customer specifications and S&T Dynamics standard models are shipped as turnkey solutions. Toolink Engineering will also provide installation, training, and support with each purchase.

Video Overview

S&T Dynamics is a full service, turnkey manufacturer of CNC machine tools and engineered solutions

S&T Dynamics’ machine tool lines include CNC Gear Hobbs, CNC Gear Shapers, CNC Vertical Lathes, CNC Grinding Machines, and Universal CNC Lathes.

About S&T Dynamics

Based in Gyoungnam, Korea, S&T Dynamics, in addition to machine tools, is a leading automotive and military powertrain, axles, and transmissions that include gearboxes for helicopters, wind-power applications, dual-clutch transmissions, and hybrid power trains. It also supplies both civil and military aerospace, medical and general sectors.

Gear hobbing machines built to customer specifications and S&T Dynamics standard models are shipped as turnkey solutions.

Toolink Engineering will provide installation and training with each purchase.

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